Third Party Computer Software

I was working on my computer looking into ADT Home Security Lexington services (I had just moved) when I noticed my computer was running slow. I ran a diagnostic and soon found the problem: I had a virus. Somehow I had forgotten to renew my antivirus software subscription, probably during the move, and I was now left vulnerable and I was left with a decision – I could either spend some money on a new subscription or I could look into some third party software.

If you can believe it, there are, in fact, plenty of third party software programs on the web that cover a multitude of tasks that many of the expensive, licensed programs are known for. Many of these programs are legit and, best of all, free and while some of them cover basic functions like image manipulation or word processing, there are quite a few that can handle the task of antivirus software. Just make sure you know the program before you download it onto your computer and make sure you get it on a reputable site. If you are downloading third party antivirus software, it should perform basic enough protection but you also want to make sure you aren’t downloading a virus in disguise.

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